Meaning of labyrinth fish in English:

labyrinth fish


  • A freshwater fish with poorly developed gills and a labyrinthine accessory breathing organ, native to Africa and Asia.

    Suborder Anabantoidei: Belontiidae and related families, with many species, including such popular aquarium fishes as the gouramis and the fighting fish

    ‘Most labyrinth fish are robust and easy to keep, and on the whole can be expected to do well.’
    • ‘The actual courtship and spawning are not at all violent or rough compared to some other labyrinth fish.’
    • ‘The Gourami is a labyrinth fish, so their places are the top levels.’
    • ‘Although labyrinth fish have gills, they also have a special organ which allows them to also breathe directly from the air.’
    • ‘The spike-tailed paradise fish is a labyrinth fish, and like all such fishes they extract atmospheric oxygen with the help of a vessel-lined cavity above their gill arches.’