Meaning of labradorescence in English:


Pronunciation /ˌlabrədɔːˈrɛsns/


mass nounMineralogy
  • The brilliant iridescence exhibited by some specimens of labradorite and other feldspars.

    ‘This labradorescence is truly a one of a kind mineralogical experience and must be observed in person in order to truly appreciate its beauty.’
    • ‘The blue flash of labradorescence is the reason for the excitement about this very special gemstone.’
    • ‘The labradorescence is caused by light interference by lattice distortions.’
    • ‘The labradorescence in these beads ranges from typical blues and violets through greens, with bits of yellows and oranges.’
    • ‘In its massive form, labradorite shows a startling play of color similar to opal called labradorescence.’