Meaning of Labrador tea in English:

Labrador tea


  • A low-growing northern shrub of the heather family, with fragrant leathery evergreen leaves which are sometimes used locally in Canada as a tea substitute.

    Genus Ledum, family Ericaceae

    ‘The young leaves of Labrador tea become infected in the fall; look for evidence of the orange fungus and powdery orange spores on the leaves.’
    • ‘Wet loving plants start to appear on the terraces that alternate with short dry slopes: cotton grass mixed with Labrador teas, mouse eared chickweed, dried avens.’
    • ‘Shade-intolerant and often found on moist to wet soils, Labrador tea is common on open peatland dominated by sphagnum moss and in open-canopy coniferous forests.’
    • ‘Tundra plants, including the Labrador tea, are now known to be able to get a jump start on summer by beginning photosynthesis beneath the snow before it has fully melted away.’
    • ‘Labrador tea prefers wet or boggy locations, but can be found in drier areas as well.’