Meaning of Kalashnikov in English:


Pronunciation /kəˈlaʃnɪkɒf/

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  • A type of rifle or sub-machine gun made in Russia.

    as modifier ‘a Kalashnikov rifle’
    • ‘Security forces found three hand guns and a Kalashnikov rifle in the possession of some of the suspects.’
    • ‘Several Kalashnikov assault rifles were found at the scene.’
    • ‘I tried to put my money in my bag, but a young police officer thrust his Kalashnikov at me and rifled through my bag.’
    • ‘Piles of bullets, Beretta handguns and Kalashnikovs are laid out carefully next to ornamental knives and silver jewellery.’
    • ‘They have machineguns, Kalashnikovs, you name it.’


1970s named after Mikhail T. Kalashnikov (1919–2013), the Russian designer of the weapons.