Meaning of kaka in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkɑːkɑː/


  • A large New Zealand parrot with olive-brown and dull green upper parts and reddish underparts.

    Nestor meridionalis, family Psittacidae

    ‘They attack the birds that nest in holes, so a heavy seeding puts birds such as the kaka, parakeet and yellowhead more at risk.’
    • ‘Also reliant on honeydew are the threatened New Zealand parrots known as kaka.’
    • ‘Her announcement ended: ‘In these forests the future now belongs to the kereru, the kiwi and the kaka.’’
    • ‘The result is that the female kaka have been seriously reduced in numbers.’
    • ‘Pigeons, kaka and tui were abundant and the river ran thick with eels.’


Late 18th century from Maori.