Meaning of kaitiaki in English:


Pronunciation /kʌɪˈtɪəki/

nounplural noun kaitiaki

New Zealand
  • A guardian or trustee, typically of an environmental area or resource.

    ‘a kaitiaki refused to grant them a permit’
    • ‘All along iwi have said that what they wanted was the recognition of their mana and kaitiaki.’
    • ‘Although I am the kaitiaki, the custodian of these treasures, no one has been denied access to them.’
    • ‘I could, for example, cite the precedent of the mataitai reserves, which provide, under 1998 fisheries regulations, for hands-on management by kaitiaki of all non-commercial fishing activity in traditional fishing grounds.’
    • ‘He is the kaitiaki for the area between Napier and Waikare River.’
    • ‘I mentioned when I spoke on the second reading that representations from Maori were unanimous that iwi authorities are not always the appropriate people to be consulted on plans, and that hapu are often the appropriate kaitiaki.’
    • ‘A couple of the marae kaitiaki go out and say: "Not today, mate."’
    • ‘Can the Minister confirm that current regulations require a national database of kaitiaki reports?’
    • ‘Without authority, Maori can't fulfil their duty as kaitiaki - caretakers of their environment.’
    • ‘An increasing number of Maori landowners are striving to achieve economic and sustainable farming operations as kaitiaki of their land.’
    • ‘Fisheries regulations allow kaitiaki to authorise the gathering of fish in quantities and sizes which may normally breach fisheries legislation.’


Early 20th century Maori.