Meaning of kainic acid in English:

kainic acid

Pronunciation /ˈkʌɪnɪk/


mass nounMedicine
  • An organic acid extracted from a red alga, used to kill intestinal worms.

    Chemical formula: C₁₀H₁₅NO₄

    ‘Our previous studies showed that kainic acid i.p. can induce the increase of lipid peroxide levels in the rat brain and evoke the generation of oxygen free radicals in the peripheral blood.’
    • ‘Our work supports this latter conclusion as kainic acid is a potent excitor of CPG activity, and d - phase interneuron outputs are blocked by the glutaminergic antagonist CNQX.’
    • ‘A total synthesis of kainic acid starting from the commercially available 2-azetidinone is described.’
    • ‘In the present experiments, we analysed the role of NMDA and kainic acid in PRL secretion in females with different serum concentrations of PRL.’


1950s kainic from Japanese kainin (from kainin-sō, name of the alga Digenea simplex from which it is extracted) + -ic.