Meaning of kabloona in English:


Pronunciation /kəˈbluːnə/

nounplural noun kabloonas, plural noun kabloonat/kəˈbluːnat/

  • (among Inuit people) a person who is not a member of the Inuit; a white person.

    ‘Loanwords from Inuktitut: for example, angakok a shaman, chimo a greeting, toast before drinking, kabloona a non-Inuit, a White, ouk a command to a sleddog to turn right, tupik a tent of animal skins.’
    • ‘The Kabloona include missionaries, teachers, police, government personnel and their spouses or companions.’
    • ‘He discovers that he himself has become so well adapted to the Inuit way of life that he is no longer a "Kabloona" and has become one of them.’


From Inuit kabluna ‘big eyebrow’.