Meaning of iced tea in English:

iced tea


(also North American ice tea)
mass noun
  • A chilled drink of sweetened tea without milk, typically flavoured with lemon.

    ‘Meanwhile, Lia and Gianna were sitting inside drinking ice tea.’
    • ‘I was sitting outside on my lunch break, drinking ice tea from Star Bucks.’
    • ‘So, the best way to cool off this summer could be natural, chilled ice tea.’
    • ‘I have lemonade, like we had yesterday, and then I'll go buy some ice tea, or regular tea.’
    • ‘Melissa took some water out and a sachet of ice tea and began mixing ice tea.’
    • ‘Fill with ice, add Knob Creek and schnapps, top with ice tea, stir and serve garnished with lemon wedge dipped in sugar.’
    • ‘Toby located a clean glass in a cupboard and some ice tea in the fridge and fixed her a drink.’
    • ‘Louis raises his hand and she looks into his eyes, ‘I want the raspberry ice tea.’’
    • ‘‘Just wondering,’ He grabbed Connor's ice tea and took a sip.’
    • ‘Thoroughly interrupting everyone's little conversations, I jumped up, nearly knocking over Darwin's open bottle of ice tea.’
    • ‘I complained before continuing to sip on my ice tea.’
    • ‘We talked, and I had some ice tea, but I couldn't stay long.’
    • ‘Charlotte, prepare some ice tea on the patio and have the chef fix us something to eat.’
    • ‘The others put away gallons of coffee and ice tea.’
    • ‘Nyx pulled a pitcher of ice tea out of the fridge.’
    • ‘Justin came in, placing a glass of ice tea on the desk.’
    • ‘I had the chicken pot pie, slaw, soup, ice tea and cheesecake.’
    • ‘Their contract also called for ‘real brewed ice tea - no powder mix.’’
    • ‘The mothers would be gossiping on the couch, sipping ice tea.’
    • ‘In India, Pepsi and Lipton have introduced bottled ice tea.’