Meaning of ice cream soda in English:

ice cream soda


mass nounmainly North American
  • A cold drink consisting of ice cream served in a glass with flavoured soda water or another soft drink.

    ‘they always got double scoops in their ice cream sodas’
    • ‘The ice cream soda was the first that I had drunk for at least thirty years.’
    • ‘I hate milk shakes but really love ice cream sodas.’
    • ‘Said Nash, "Instead of obtaining stimulation from work, the young people of today are to be found sitting around soda fountains devouring ice cream sodas."’
    • ‘Floats and other non-alcoholic fountain classics, like ice cream sodas, soared in popularity until the end of Prohibition.’
    • ‘"If I wanted a treat," continues my grandma, "I'd have a chocolate ice cream soda."’
    • ‘Over an ice cream soda George asks Emily if she will write to him while he is away at college.’
    • ‘She says he can buy her an ice cream soda after the show (how times have changed!!)’
    • ‘For a fast treat, try this twist on an ice cream soda: layer scoops of ice cream with chunks of cantaloupe and top with lemon-lime soda.’
    • ‘I'd skip from the store, ready for the promised ice cream soda waiting at the Sweet Shop.’
    • ‘One gentleman and his wife in the audience must have felt sorry for this lonely, neglected boy and took me afterwards for an ice cream soda, a treat I remember to this day.’