Meaning of ice bucket in English:

ice bucket


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  • A cylindrical container holding chunks of ice, the ice being used either directly in drinks or for chilling a bottle of wine.

    ‘He pulled the bottle of wine from the ice bucket and poured a glass for her and then one for himself.’
    • ‘This is the moment to ask for an ice bucket (for red wines if necessary) or for a bottle to be taken out of an ice bucket.’
    • ‘A table was set for 10 with a bottle of water in an ice bucket alongside a bottle of Hill's Absinth (the Czech spelling).’
    • ‘Heineken is offering a contest to let participants imitate the Heineken TV commercial by dredging up beer bottles from an ice bucket.’
    • ‘Walking over to the table, he picked up the bottle from the ice bucket.’
    • ‘Between each pair of seats is a table with a built-in ice bucket for wine or champagne, served by uniformed staff during the movie.’
    • ‘You may like to purchase a Bolly Basket - an ice bucket with a bottle of Bollinger French champagne.’
    • ‘There was a gurgling coffee machine on a fold out card table, along with empty plastic cups and an ice bucket.’
    • ‘The waiter bowed respectively as he proffered the glass bottle, still beaded with perspiration from the ice bucket.’
    • ‘Satine turns to a trolley with food and drink on it, and picks up a bottle of Champagne from the ice bucket.’
    • ‘Our wine, in a shared ice bucket, disappeared to the other table with bare-faced regularity.’
    • ‘He pulled a can of soda off a nearby ice bucket and placed it on the counter.’
    • ‘That green bottle with gold-foil seals brought in an ice bucket symbolised wealth and good taste.’
    • ‘Covers are drawn up on a rumpled bed, and there are bottles of water and an ice bucket on a table.’
    • ‘I knock back the half bottle of champagne in the ice bucket and try to sleep.’
    • ‘The waiter placed the champagne back in the ice bucket and retrieved a carton of Minute Maid pink lemonade from under the cart.’
    • ‘With your ice bucket, bail the water from the bath onto the door to keep it cool.’
    • ‘It took me a few minutes to dodge the drinking gamers and get to the ice bucket.’
    • ‘‘Yes,’ he says, watching Cameron reach into the ice bucket with a pair of sharp silver tongs.’
    • ‘If an ice bucket were missing, which costs $26 each, maybe we'd go after that.’