Meaning of ice beer in English:

ice beer

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mass noun
  • A type of strong lager brewed at sub-zero temperatures so that ice crystals form. These are then strained off to remove impurities and excess water.

    ‘And the beer industry has seen its share of new products come and go - dry beer, ice beer and red beer are a few that come to mind.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, the premium, popular, malt liquor and ice beer segments continued to see their market shares decline.’
    • ‘There was a bit too much emphasis on Molson Ice, and then the whole ice beer market fell apart.’
    • ‘Brodrick has an ice beer festival planned in December.’
    • ‘Virtually all imports, with the exception of Canadian ice beers, have demonstrated strong growth over the last two or three years.’
    • ‘A lot of ice beers and dry beers came out in the early 1990s, then things shifted back to the core brands.’