Meaning of ice-cream parlour in English:

ice-cream parlour


  • A shop or cafe selling ice cream.

    ‘she can't find teaching work so she's in a job at the local ice-cream parlour’
    • ‘On his return he began to learn the rudiments of the cafe business in a cousin's ice-cream parlour at Weston-super-Mare.’
    • ‘There is an ice-cream parlour there that hasn't changed it's decor in 50 years.’
    • ‘An East Yorkshire dairy farm has begun producing ice-cream using the milk from its own herd - and has opened an ice-cream parlour on the premises.’
    • ‘The beach and the promenade, with its chip shop, ice-cream parlour and amusement arcade, offered a place of refuge, romance and belonging for the young Vettriano.’
    • ‘Sarah finds employment in an ice-cream parlour while Johnny drives a taxi and endures endless, fruitless acting auditions.’
    • ‘We rounded the block and parked outside the Dairy Den, an ice-cream parlour where my sisters and I used to drink strawberry shakes after school.’
    • ‘She was snapped leaving a Rome ice-cream parlour today in a T-shirt bearing the CND symbol, one of the world's most recognisable and political logos.’
    • ‘An ice-cream parlour in the old milking shed is also a possible development for the future.’
    • ‘I used to work in an ice-cream parlour as a student and two guys I worked with looked like John Lennon and Paul McCartney.’
    • ‘Having just opened his fifth London ice-cream parlour, and with three more plan­ned, he might not seem in need of advice on entrepreneurship.’