Meaning of gain in in English:

gain in

phrasal verb

  • gain in somethingImprove or advance in the specified way.

    ‘canoeing is gaining in popularity’
    • ‘The performances are improving and gaining in confidence.’
    • ‘The location has been gaining in popularity - so much so that parks officials want to stop renting it out unless the event holds some prestige value for the city.’
    • ‘This facility, Mary tells us is gaining in popularity.’
    • ‘The island is currently gaining in popularity.’
    • ‘Here's proof: there are vernacular Valentine cards to be had, and they seem to be gaining in popularity with each V-Day.’
    • ‘These metals are gaining in popularity for use in jewelry and are also important in manufacturing auto converters that reduce pollution.’
    • ‘Western reporters talking mainly to the urban middle class also got a false sense that his list might be gaining in popularity.’
    • ‘Bottom lifts, however, are gaining in popularity here.’
    • ‘The children's yoga course is now in its second term and is gaining in popularity, and it is immediately obvious that the studio is child-friendly.’
    • ‘Cookery courses abroad are also gaining in popularity.’
    • ‘More and more support has been given to the West on Track campaign that is gaining in popularity at present.’
    • ‘Rosé champagnes are serious wines which are gaining in popularity.’
    • ‘The last one in particular is great stuff; I guess now that he's dead his time has come and he's gaining in popularity.’
    • ‘This utter tripe that is reality TV seems to be gaining in popularity.’
    • ‘This holiday season, LEDs are gaining in popularity as bulbs for Christmas lights.’
    • ‘The verdict was that camp drafting is a sport gaining in popularity.’
    • ‘Another general point about the focus group method is that, while it is gaining in popularity at the moment, it is by no means a new technique.’
    • ‘We are gaining in power, we deserve respect - and complimentary drinks.’
    • ‘What I gained in readership or ad revenue was not worth the respect I lost for myself.’
    • ‘Like a snowball rolling downhill, the software-as-a-service platform is gaining in size and depth as vendors continue to add on more and more components to the core hosted application.’