Meaning of gah in English:


Pronunciation /ɡɑː/


  • Used to express exasperation or dismay.

    ‘had to go the dentist this morning (arrived late—gah!)’
    • ‘Had to go to the Had to go to the dentist this morning (arrived late - gah).’
    • ‘I know online is supposed to be the last bastion of the free world, borderless anarchy blah blah gah.’
    • ‘You never think about things like that otherwise… gah… I'm not making any sense.’
    • ‘And I know what awaits me is more editing which will be fulfilling in its own right but gah my brain's lethargic.’
    • ‘I went in thinking "oh god I haven't revised enough" and came out thinking "gah, I revised too much!"’
    • ‘I have to do 2 assignments… network and multimedia… gah!’
    • ‘I didn't even get home until 7: 30 tonight - gah!’
    • ‘And Sussex lost against Derbyshire in the one-day cricket today. gah.’
    • ‘I'm not even going to mention the test cricket, gah.’
    • ‘Someone else jumps ahead of me in the age bracket - gah!’
    • ‘Today and Saturday I am on a ' late shift ', gah… I hate it.’
    • ‘I love that people read what I write, I love that people enjoy it… gah!’
    • ‘Continuing to be a follower of Brighton is less encouraging though. gah, again.’
    • ‘It's not often I worship at the square godess in the corner of the living room, but I - gah.’
    • ‘Maybe the key is to get those with money out of the control of the party, gah!’
    • ‘Parent-teacher conference in the morning… gah… I've about had it.’
    • ‘Maybe I'm just cynical, but… gah.’
    • ‘Needless to say I am hungover today - gah.’


Early 20th century natural exclamation.