Meaning of earhole in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɪəhəʊl/

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  • 1The external opening of the ear.

    ‘seals can close their earholes under water’
    • ‘The ‘hear no evil’ monkey tells us that the liar will somehow protect their ears, by covering them with the hand or directly blocking the earhole with their finger.’
    • ‘‘Not good’ observed Jinn as he plugged up his earholes with his fingers.’
    1. 1.1 informal A person's ear.
      • ‘a clip round the earhole’
      • ‘I was being flippant and there was a teacher who I liked a lot and he clumped me round the earhole.’
      • ‘I have followed drivers with a phone clamped to their earhole.’
      • ‘With a grin that extends from earhole to earhole, he passes a going back to the bench and gives her a ‘How ya doin’.’
      • ‘‘Dearest Kevin!’ screamed the megaphone, accompanied by the famous feedback choir barely inches from Kevin's sensitive earhole.’
      • ‘They are the perfect antidote to the ridiculous pop-punk-plague infecting the earholes of the British public lately.’
      • ‘He put on his helmet and cupped his hand around the earhole, stoking and prodding the crowd even more.’
      organ of hearing