Meaning of ear flap in English:

ear flap


  • 1A flap of material on a hat or cap, covering the ear.

    ‘The fur hats are either in the Russian style with ear flaps or a beanie shape.’
    • ‘But as many as 60,000 were expected to be left to sleep in the open, and the Ministry of Food proposed stocks of knee-length boots, heavy overcoats, hats with ear flaps and gloves for them.’
    • ‘Jayne opens a mail package from his mother that contains a wool cap with ear flaps and a pom-pom.’
    • ‘Aymara men in the altiplano wear long cotton trousers and woolen caps with ear flaps.’
    • ‘He was wearing a leather aviator's jacket, a scarf, and a heavy hat with ear flaps.’
    • ‘Next-generation hearing aids programmed with the wearer's spatial filters will be able to exploit the directional information created by the ear flaps and so help to target one sound while rejecting others.’
    • ‘You'll need more than air and hair between your dome and the elements, and on freezing days, add ear flaps; better to look goofy than feel miserable.’
    • ‘The company makes a Polartec cap that has ear flaps, and it's a lot ‘cooler’ than it sounds.’
    • ‘It's raw silk and made in Nepal and it has ear flaps and long strings and it's very cool.’
    • ‘She misinterprets comments made by her friend's mother, and as a result becomes self-conscious about her looks, choosing to hide her ears under a winter cap with ear flaps.’
  • 2A part of an animal's outer ear which extends out from the head as a fleshy flap or lobe.

    ‘Clean the excess hair out of your Shih Tzu puppy's ear canal (not the ear flap) to improve air circulation and help prevent infection.’
    • ‘On scratching my left ear, I sensed something strange on my ear flap.’
    • ‘The lizards' short ear flaps waggled, and one by one they stood, facing the dungeon entrance, looking for the source of the sound.’
    • ‘This relieves damage and promotes the microcirculation of rabbit ear flaps.’