Meaning of cage diving in English:

cage diving

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mass noun
  • The activity of being lowered into the sea in a protective steel cage in order to view sharks or other dangerous sea creatures at close range.

    ‘an environmental scientist has warned that cage diving is teaching the sharks to associate humans with food’
    • ‘Does cage diving hurt the sharks?’
    • ‘"Live shark tourism manipulates people's fears, and cage diving is intended to give nothing but titillation."’
    • ‘The use of chum (bait) to attract sharks makes sightings likely enough to ensure the commercial viability of cage diving.’
    • ‘Following this course, even the ambitious idea of cage diving with South African great whites or Cornish blues no longer fills me with dread.’
    • ‘For those who truly crave adventure, South Australia offers cage diving with great white sharks (Carcharodon carcharias), the toothy beasts infamous for their rather deceptive roles in the Jaws movies.’
    • ‘And cage diving allows divers and non-divers the opportunity to see these amazing fish up close and personal.’
    • ‘I went on a shark diving tour in Africa following a story out there, and there was some debate over whether shark cage diving or chumming and things like that were attracting sharks closer to the shore.’
    • ‘For all the excitement, cage diving with great whites is becoming highly controversial.’
    • ‘Cage diving has become a lightning rod, though, for criticism by some environmentalists.’