Meaning of caffeinated in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkafɪneɪtɪd/


  • (of coffee or tea) containing the natural amount of caffeine, or with caffeine added.

    ‘100 male volunteers consumed various amounts of caffeinated and decaffeinated coffee’
    • ‘He called from the kitchen, ‘You've probably only had caffeinated tea then, right?’’
    • ‘And even with caffeinated coffee, coffee in moderation is fine.’
    • ‘Demand for decaffeinated coffee is growing globally because of the possible adverse health effects of caffeinated coffee, says one news source.’
    • ‘Your chances of developing an irritated bladder can double if you're drinking more than four cups of caffeinated coffee each day.’
    • ‘Avoid all stimulants in the evening, including chocolate, caffeinated sodas, and caffeinated teas.’
    • ‘Ingestion of even a small cup of caffeinated coffee or even a caffeine pill at the same time as one eats, has been shown to ameliorate the effects of low blood pressure.’
    • ‘The patients were interviewed by researchers to find out how much caffeinated coffee and cola they consumed before their heart attack.’
    • ‘It is universally accepted that caffeinated tea raises metabolic rate because caffeine is a stimulant.’
    • ‘Last but not least, caffeinated coffee helps improve one's reflexes.’
    • ‘Cut down on the amount of coffee, tea or caffeinated sodas you consume throughout the day, and avoid them altogether in the four or five hours before bedtime.’
    • ‘What we tell our patients to do is slowly decrease the amount of caffeinated beverages, whether it's coffee or tea or sodas or other soft drinks.’
    • ‘Of 1000 office workers surveyed, 76% drink tea, coffee or caffeinated cola more than three times during the working day.’
    • ‘The second thing, drink some coffee or another caffeinated beverage.’
    • ‘However, the stress of modern life, and the prevalence of coffee and caffeinated colas, has lead people to overload on caffeine.’
    • ‘I've eliminated caffeinated sodas and coffee completely.’
    • ‘Avoid alcohol, coffee, or other caffeinated drinks, which can also irritate the stomach lining.’
    • ‘If you almost never drink caffeine, she says, a cup of coffee or caffeinated cola might dehydrate you a little.’
    • ‘So coffee is actually more caffeinated than espresso and therefore cappuccino.’
    • ‘This is likely to improve his well-being and counteract the dehydration caffeinated drinks such as coffee and tea tend to induce.’
    • ‘If you're trying to cut back on coffee or caffeinated beverages, do it gradually.’