Meaning of cafe society in English:

cafe society

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mass noun
  • The regular patrons of fashionable restaurants and nightclubs.

    ‘a group of painters from 1920s cafe society’
    • ‘The regeneration of canal-side cafe society in Manchester and Birmingham hardly adds up to a creative industry.’
    • ‘And Victoria Hall will be transformed into a Palm Court for the first weekend, recreating cafe society and hosting an arts and crafts fair, accompanied by musical entertainment.’
    • ‘Moves to relax a seaside town's ban on drinking in the street - to encourage the growth of cafe society in the centre - have been given a lukewarm response so far by the catering industry.’
    • ‘I'm just back from a week in Berlin, a city that is remodelling itself from a brutal past with gleaming architecture, spectacular museums and the sort of cafe society more akin to France and Italy.’
    • ‘Nephew saw the large numbers of people sitting outside - you know, the typical cafe society of London's West End in nearly-November.’
    • ‘It has a bustle and a buzz that makes it one of the best corners of cafe society in Europe and the singing and dancing is a total contrast to the stiff formality of somewhere like Vienna.’
    • ‘And the intended cafe society has all the charm of a ferret in a rabbit hutch.’
    • ‘The High Street also becomes a hive of activity as cafe society comes to town.’
    • ‘In Vienna's cafe society he was spoken of in the same terms as a great actor or musician.’
    • ‘By not having a set closing time you will not have large numbers of people attempting to throw as much down their throats before closing time and we will end up with a more European café society rather than binge drinking.’
    • ‘But there is a world of difference between drinking as you do in Europe and being told to conform to the UK government's sanitised stereotype of European café society.’
    • ‘At the turn of the century (the last one, that is), Florence discovered the delights of café society.’
    • ‘Set in the California of the late seventies and early eighties, much of the satire is directed at value systems that don't work - communes, academia, cafe society, consciousness-raising groups.’
    • ‘I am now a proud member of that envied upper-class of cafe society: I take my seat and the waitress simply asks ‘The usual, hon?’’
    • ‘Liberty, it seems, is a four-letter word for the smart-set of London café society.’
    • ‘He is made for café society, perhaps because he spends so much time in his studio that when he emerges he likes to make the most of it.’
    • ‘During this time he became one of the lions of café society and was friendly with many leading artists.’
    • ‘Perhaps because of this notoriety, the little dog also became the darling of the more socially acceptable cafe society.’
    • ‘Her scenes include night festivals in Venice and strolls along the streets of New York but focus primarily on the cafe society of Paris.’
    • ‘She is a botanist and they're growing music and flowers together and enjoying the café society there.’