Meaning of caesium clock in English:

caesium clock


  • An atomic clock that uses the vibrations of caesium atoms as a time standard.

    ‘The idea behind the atomic clock (or the caesium clock) is to bombard cesium with microwaves of close to 9,192,631,770 cycles per second.’
    • ‘Thus I run an experiment which performs measurements on the cesium clock which gives me a basic calibration upon which all clocks can be run.’
    • ‘In a cesium clock, it has been determined that one second is equal to 9,192,631,770 oscillations or transitions.’
    • ‘It is also used in the cesium clock, a device that measures time by means of the wavelength of light given off by one of the elements isotopes, cesium- 133.’
    • ‘Researchers are working to develop clocks as much as 1000 times as accurate as the current world-standard cesium clock.’
    • ‘These are the nation's three primary clocks, caesium clocks that act as a reference for other atomic clocks around the world.’
    • ‘Despite the fact that the ancients had no lasers, artificial satellites, radio telescopes, or cesium clocks, their accounts of eclipses have made it possible to build up a consistent picture of how the length of the day has changed.’
    • ‘Since the 1970's (when we developed stable lasers and accurate cesium clocks), we have calculated light speed from laser measurements.’