Meaning of caecum in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsiːkəm/

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nounplural noun caeca/ˈsiːkə/

(US cecum)
  • A pouch connected to the junction of the small and large intestines.

    ‘The digestive tract was removed from each specimen and dissected it into the upper digestive tract, gizzard, small intestine, ceca, large intestine, liver, and pancreas.’
    • ‘Total digestive tract mass was the summed masses of the upper digestive tract, gizzard, small intestine, ceca, and large intestine.’
    • ‘In the right lower quadrant you are feeling mainly for the terminal ileum, the cecum, and the ascending colon, and for the descending colon in the left.’
    • ‘The portion of the large intestine - between the cecum and transverse colon - that starts on the right side of the abdomen and moves up toward the liver.’
    • ‘The appendix, a worm-like appendage of dubious usefulness, usually hangs straight down from the first portion of the large intestine, the cecum.’


Late Middle English from Latin (intestinum) caecum ‘blind (gut)’, translation of Greek tuphlon enteron.