Meaning of cadaverously in English:



See cadaverous

‘Haggard, frayed and cadaverously pale with his eyes sunk somewhere deep in the back of his skull, in the final scene he looks like someone who is about to die.’
  • ‘For a chef, he looks cadaverously under-nourished.’
  • ‘I'm an ectomorph with medium ash brown hair that I'm always ruining by dyeing it (so it always has garish brassy orange tones), brown eyes that I sometimes conceal with grey contacts, and cadaverously fair skin.’
  • ‘He works within a narrower spectrum, bringing to life a series of monologues for inter-related and cadaverously fleshed-out dummies.’
  • ‘By contrast, he chose to portray the character as ailing: cadaverously thin and pale with flushed cheeks and clawlike fingers.’