Meaning of cack-handedness in English:



See cack-handed

‘But the furore over the fate of Scotland and Wales was merely the shining example of a remarkable display of cack-handedness performed by a faltering government machine over a full 48 hours.’
  • ‘The basic idea and story structure are fine, but they're executed with such cack-handedness and lack of subtlety that it's simply impossible to care.’
  • ‘Pardon me if I show off a little, but this was something of an accomplishment for me, given my general cack-handedness when it comes to technology.’
  • ‘The first series of jokes are derived from his cack-handedness in appearing for the first time in front of the public.’
  • ‘Whatever one might surmise about his psyche - and commentators constantly return to it - his overriding problem as a would-be painter was his cack-handedness, his bludgeoning lack of feel for paint, his lack of a subject to meet his imagination and his needs.’