Meaning of breathalyse in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbrɛθəlʌɪz/


[with object]
  • (of the police) use a breathalyser to test how much alcohol (a driver) has consumed.

    ‘he was later breathalysed at Cirencester Police Station’
    • ‘If police are able to breathalyse drivers for alcohol, there is no reason why they should not take mouth samples.’
    • ‘He was breathalysed at the police station at about 12.02am.’
    • ‘My wife had heard the other driver say that he had been at the Golf Club and asked the police to breathalyse him.’
    • ‘Over the last two years, an average of 12,000 drivers were arrested and breathalysed.’
    • ‘They were both breathalysed and then carted off to the nearest police station.’
    • ‘The introduction of testing for illegal drugs is being conducted in tandem with breathalysing for alcohol in the workplace.’
    • ‘O'Carroll pointed out that having a zero limit would mean breathalyzing everyone that got into a car.’
    • ‘Without breathalysing the cows individually, it seemed, there would be no way of knowing for sure.’
    • ‘He breathalyses her which suggests she has twice the legal limit of alcohol in her bloodstream.’
    • ‘I've been stopped and breathalysed a few times but I've never been over the limit.’
    • ‘Don't be tempted to have a quick one before you set off; all climbers are stringently breathalysed!’
    • ‘If they'd breathalysed me at that moment I would have been way over the limit, but of course I had my feet firmly on the ground.’
    • ‘Yet when he breathalysed me the result was negative my homeopathic booze had beaten the system.’
    • ‘We'll breathalyse them on the way out.’
    • ‘Ideally, a community nurse should visit daily to monitor progress and, if possible, breathalyse for alcohol.’
    • ‘Perhaps it's ministers who need breathalysing.’