Meaning of baboon spider in English:

baboon spider


  • A large, hairy burrowing spider found in Africa.

    Ceratogyrus, Harpactira, and other genera, family Theraphosidae, suborder Mygalomorphae

    ‘The spiderlings of the horned baboon spider only commence moving about 50 days after hatching.’
    • ‘The horned baboon spiders are a very unique genus having a distinct horn-like fovea on the carapace.’
    • ‘Later when I was looking at their wedding album, there was another lesser baboon spider in there.’
    • ‘However, she does not recommend keeping baboon spiders as pets as they are more aggressive.’
    • ‘Like most baboon spiders, they are very aggressive and can be considered a potentially dangerous species.’
    • ‘Maybe T.Raab or another one of the experts on the baboon spiders could help you with that.’
    • ‘Pterinochilus, the golden-brown baboon spider occurs from north-eastern South Africa northwards to Ethiopia.’
    • ‘Others again, like the massive hairy baboon spiders, sacrifice all caution and boldly hunt down their victims.’
    • ‘They think they are a tasty treat and that's why bird-eating spiders are also named baboon spiders.’
    • ‘The baboon spider derives its name from a dense covering of hair that supposedly resembles the coat of a baboon.’
    • ‘They are also known as baboon spiders in Africa and hairy spiders in South America.’
    • ‘KNP's known baboon spiders come from four different genera and are difficult to tell apart.’
    • ‘African species are called baboon spiders due to their hairy appearance and the black scopulae pads on its ‘feet’ resembling the pads on baboon feet.’
    • ‘In the wild, the baboon spider eats newborn mice and other rodents; newly hatched birds, reptiles, or amphibians; and any other invertebrates it can overtake.’
    • ‘The new baboon spider was first spotted during a 2003 spider survey of Kruger that forms part of the ongoing South African National Survey of Arachnids.’
    • ‘I am not keen on baboon spiders as pets, but if you want to try something different from the usual docile tarantulas then these may be for you.’
    • ‘I'm no internationally recognized spider expert, but if it was a baboon spider, I'm not at all remorseful.’
    • ‘He was not impressed, ‘How can you be so crazy and shower with a baboon spider?’’
    • ‘A Memphis Zoo colleague recorded a similarly striking behaviour in a related species of African baboon spider, Hysterocrates crassipes.’
    • ‘During the week Mark set off with Andre to find the baboon spider.’