Meaning of babby in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbabi/

nounplural noun babbies

dialect form of baby
‘It was the thing which made me a little boy, a babby, no more.’
  • ‘Wells, 45, found a woman screaming ‘My babby's still upstairs! ‘as smoke billowed from her house.’
  • ‘I've blubbed like a babby 3 times so far and the one about the Ethiopian boy reunited with his family just had me howling.’
  • ‘You see, of the four folks left in the house, I am the babby, in blog-terms at least.’
  • ‘I didn't tell your Mum, because stress is bad for growing babbies and I didn't want any ‘dad's a loser’ proteins to enter your little nervous system.’