Meaning of babblement in English:



See babble

‘All my subliminal terrors are associated with my father who died in the babblement of Alzheimer's or Parkinson's disease - we were never sure which took over in the end.’
  • ‘All of this babblement makes this a delightful read-aloud, both for the listener, and for the adult reader who can have fun with the twitch-tickling wordplay.’
  • ‘Over the thought of the babblement and the scenes of the evening, arose in my mind one question touching upon the final law of being, for which I would seek answer from this sage.’
  • ‘That night, he and his Theresa put aside their lovers’ babblement for dialogue of a less agreeable nature.’
  • ‘Philosophy, one of the poets says, is but ‘a clamorous hound, baying at her master’; the philosopher, says another, is ‘great’ only ‘in the vain babblements of fools’.’